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Nascot Wood  promotes racing against other local clubs which has proved very successful. The club, (formaly Burnt Oak) have been team champions three times and also twice runner up in the first five seasons of The Champions League.
If you have never raced “Scalextric type” cars at club level before, you would be amazed at just how fast a slot car can go (WITHOUT a magnet). The main manufacturers we use are:  Slot.It, NSR, Racer Sideways, Policar, AllSlot etc. Your first visit to the club is FREE and we will be able to lend a car and controller to help you on your way.
We race a variety of classes including Formula 1, Touring Cars, Rally, Sports / GT, Historic and Endurance races (sometimes in the dark with car lights only). 

Slot Car Racing is a serious pastime and participants will need to adhere to rules and regulations in order to take part. Visitors and potential new members should be aware that the track is VERY large and therefore you will need to meet an acceptable level before you can start racing.




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