Nascot Wood Rules & Guidelines 2022

Membership: Adult – £10.00, Junior – £5.00 (under 16)
Race fees: Adult – £5.00, Junior – £2.00 (under 16)
Visitors / Non members: Adult – first week FREE, then £6.00
Junior – First week FREE, then £3.00
Meetings every FRIDAY evening from 18:45hrs



All cars racing this season must be available to buy from the shops on 1st January 2022 (new releases WILL be assessed and approved throughout the year).


Formula 1

Any Formula 1 car produced by Policar. (White kits must be fully assembled and painted/decaled to represent a car from that era – fantasy liveries are acceptable). Only parts that can be changed on these cars are:

Rear wheels. Original plastic Policar Formula 1 rear wheels (PW16011724P) or aluminium replacement (PW16011724A). Wheel inserts MUST be fitted. Maximum rear track 62mm.

Front wheels. Original Policar F1 front plastic wheels or replacement (PWH1218-PL). Spacers are allowed on front axle to prevent wheels rubbing against suspension detail. Wheel inserts MUST be fitted. Maximum front track 56mm.

Gears. Any gear ratio may be used from the Policar F1 range.

Tyres. Rear – Any rubber rear F1 compound produced by Policar (minimum diameter when fitted to hub; 19mm). Front – Standard front tyres that come with the car minimum diameter when fitted to the hub 16mm .

Mounting Screws/Wiring. Can be changed to driver's spec, but must be present in all locations and be secure.

Weight. Suitable ballast can be added inside the car and must not be visible when car is ready-to-race.

Please note – all wingless versions of these cars are NOT eligible to race.

No magnet.

15 Lap races



Any Sports or GT car from any era. Any approved motor to max 25k revs. Gearing/wheels may be changed. Off-set motor pods may be used, but must fit the chassis without modification. 3D printed chassis and motor pods are only eligible in this class, and must be commercially available.  Weight may be added. No magnet. Guides are open, but must fit without any modification to the car. Revoslot bodies are allowed but must use a 3d printed chassis.

15 lap races.


Touring Cars

Any DTM car, (Alfa 155, Opel Calibra V6, Mercedes 190E and Nissan Skyline GT-R) – 3 lanes for Alfa, Mercedes OR Nissan Skyline, 3 for Calibra. All parts on cars must remain standard: The ONLY changes allowed are any rubber tyres/Body Mount Screws/Braids/Wires and motor*. All gearing/axles/bearings/guides must remain standard (spares are from the exact matching item only). All motors must remain in original pod and be in-line only. All white kits must be painted, decaled and varnished to bring up to normal weight. Weight may be added to chassis. No magnets. No light-weight interiors. Wheel inserts must be fitted.  No suspension kits.

*The ONLY motor allowed is the 23K v12/4 ref: SIMX16.

15 lap races.


Club Cars

As supplied by the Club supplied: No magnet.

15 lap races.


GROUP 5 Racer Sideways

Any Gp 5 model from the Racers Sideways range. Cars must race as standard, except for: Change of motor pod to BLACK zero offset version / tyre choice, which is open (from designated list of manufacturers) / longer screws to aid body rock. All wheels must remain as fitted originally to the car (No swapping for smaller versions) With wheel inserts fitted. Standard motors for these cars are the Flat6 yellow 20.5K (SIMN09CH) – this is the only motor eligible for the class. All gearing / axles / bearings / guides must remain standard (spares are from the exact matching item only). No Magnet. Weight may be added. No suspension kits allowed. The cars do come with a choice of axle ride height and pod fixing; which you can use at your discretion. Any kit cars must be fully constructed and painted/decaled/numbered/varnished to bring them up to normal weight. No lightweight interiors. Please note – running spares for these cars are exact equivalents.

15 lap races.



Any Sports or GT car pre 1976 OR Group C Car.

Cars/spares available from, NSR, Thunderslot, Mr Slot Car and FLY ONLY., NSR, Mr Slot Car and FLY cars can upgrade their motors to the NSR 25k Shark Motor Ref: NSR3003 & NSR3043

 • Thunderslot Mach21 21.5K Ref: TSLMTMACH21• Motors may be positioned in-line or sidewinder. Gearing must remain standard in THUNDERSLOT cars, but is open in all other models.

Wheels/tyres are open but must be from the designated list of manufacturers.

Motor pods can be changed to stiffer or softer replacement versions. Suspension kits allowed. Weight may be added. No magnet. Lightweight interiors allowed. Guides are open, but must fit without any modification to the car.

15 lap races.




Only the following cars are allowed in this class: Porsche 997 / Corvette C6R / Corvette C7R / Audi R8 / ASV (Aston Martin) Vantage / BMW Z4 / Mercedes AMG GT3

All cars must retain original interior. Rear wing must be fitted for every race. White kits must be fully painted and decaled with sponsorship and 3 racing numbers.

Gears – Pinion: can be either 12, 13, 14 tooth. Crown: NSR, free choice.
Tyres – All NSR Rubber (no sponge or silicon type) NSR logo must be identifiable on rear tyres. Can be glued and trued. Front tyres can be glazed.
Wheels – Rear axle-wheels: Must be large NSR 5004 or 5003. Maximum rear axle/wheel width: Wheels and or tyres must not exceed width of wheel arch at widest point. Front axle-wheels: May be either large NSR 5003 or small NSR 5001. Spacers can be fitted to stabilize front axle, but wheels must not be visible when viewed from above when axle is moved to each extreme left/right position.
Wheel inserts – If fitted, must be fitted to all wheels, or no inserts in any of the wheels.
Chassis – Black chassis fitted as supplied to be used, weight can be added and must be firmly fixed. No extra taping or strengthening/lamination is allowed.
Drop arm – To be kept as originally supplied with model. Drop arm maybe adjusted or fixed using the screw fixing supplied.
Guides – Original fit + any NSR White guide. NSR Guide spacers may be used to set guide depth.
Motors – Part Number 3023. 21400 rpm /350 gr. The current standard fitment motor. Purple Wrapper. First model motor fitted.
Motor mount – As fitted to original purchase. A small amount of material may be removed from either end of the supplied motor mount to help installation of the motor and avoid stress fracture of the mount.
Magnet –Must be removed.

Suspension – NOT allowed in this class.
Free Choice items – Lead wire. Braids. Body fixing screws, (note motor mount screws must be original self-tapping O/E type). Rear axle end stop, axle spacers. Chassis ballast weight.

15 lap races.



General Rules and Guidelines:


General: Only cars, tuning parts and motors from the following manufacturers are permitted:  Ninco, Scalextric, Superslot, SCX, FLY, and Policar, ProSlot, Slotting Plus, Avant Slot, Scaleauto, Slotter, MSC, NSR, All-Slot, Racer Sideways, Thunderslot, Mr Slot Car, Slot Racing Company, Black Arrow and Spirit.  Tuning parts from the stated manufacturers are permitted (unless stated in class rules). All cars must go to the line DRY. Oil or other fluids must not be dropped on to the track. Screws must be secured so that they do not drop onto the track. Gluing in of parts is allowed. Scrutineering of cars and controllers will take place at the discretion of the scrutineer / committee. Lightweight interiors are allowed in Sports/GT and Classic Sports/GT classes only).

All large can (boxer-type) motors must have paper removed from side nearest track, or at least a hole must be cut in the paper wrapper on the underside, exposing the armature for examination.


Chassis and Body: No cutting; lowering; bending or reshaping from the standard for any reason. Lightened interiors that come with the car or are a reasonable representation are permitted, except where stated, Clear Lexan interiors must be painted. Body or chassis may have lugs / exhaust detail removed to help flex. All cars must have all screens and interiors in place, including rear or other wings at the beginning of each heat. These items may be missing only as a result of accidental damage during racing or at the committees’ discretion. All kit cars must be painted/decaled to bring them up to weight.

Wheels and tyres: Must not extend beyond the widest part of the wheel arch. No silicone or urethane/Ortmann tyres. Tyres may be trued and softened, but must be dry when placing on track!

No 3D printed replacement parts, EXCEPT in Sports / GT, BUT limited to the chassis and motor pod.


Bearings & Suspension: Ball race bearings are allowed only in Sports/GT or Classic Sports classes. No magnetic suspension kits.

Guides: May be fettled to personal spec; i.e. sanding leading edge. Guides are open except where stated in class and must fit the chassis/body without modification.

Braid: All braid used must be matted for racing, to prevent strands of wire shorting the track.

Hand Controllers: All hand controllers must be of standard manufacture – i.e. any unmodified hand controller available commercially from any UK supplier. No hand-built controllers or modification of controllers allowed.


Marshalling / Etiquette: When not racing, you are obliged to marshal a section of track. Please be aware that you are responsible for getting cars on as quickly as possible in the event of a de-slot or crash, so ATTENTION NEEDS TO BE MAINTAINED ON THAT CORNER. Normal procedure is to replace the offending car in an accident LAST. The calling of “straight” is only really necessary on three sections of the track – the main straight and the areas on top of and under the bridge. It is NOT acceptable to call “straight” simply because your car has come off and you feel the marshal is taking too long to replace your car. Drivers should not call “straight” under any circumstances unless they de-slot in the three hard-to-reach sections described, in order to avoid damage to yours and other people’s cars. Obviously, there are some weeks when we don’t have enough marshals – unmanned corners can also be seen as an area where straight can be called. It has been decided that drivers calling “straight” unnecessarily will receive a 5 sec penalty at the end of the race. When cars finish a race, they should NOT be left in the middle of turn one after they have coasted to a halt. This obstructs cars that are still racing and can cause an unnecessary obstacle for other competing drivers. If you are marshalling turn one, please remove cars that have finished to a safe place off the track. (Drivers – it would make more sense if you made your car stop BEFORE the first corner after your race has finished). Once you have finished your heat, remain at the drivers’ position until the last driver has also finished.

When initially placing your car on the track to practice or race, please position it on a straight – NOT on a bend or just after a bend… cars already on the track will be tail-sliding through corners!

When it is your heat, please get to the line as quickly as possible. A wooden block will be placed on the start line as soon as the race director is at his post. If you arrive late, you will only get ONE lap to practice.

It is not acceptable in any circumstances to use foul language when it may be heard by a junior member or visitor.

General banter between adult members is tolerable unless it gives genuine offence: we are a club of almost exclusively adult males and familiar with insults and sarcasm that include swearing, but we should behave responsibly.


Championship Rounds The Championship will be decided on the best 4 rounds from 6.  No car sharing – If you do, neither driver will score points for the round. The race controller or marshals on the first bend are responsible for calling for a restart in the event of 3 or more cars (or half the field) de-slotting on the first bend of the first lap (Area up to white line). The “Blue Flag” rule applies as in real racing i.e. if you are being lapped you are obliged to let the faster driver through without hindrance. If a car breaks down during a race/heat, it may NOT be replaced by another car. Attempts by the driver or his allocated mechanic (if possible) can be made to fix the vehicle so that it can continue in that race – The race will not be stopped for repairs to be made.

Points will start at 25, 24, 23, etc.


Any new car issued after 1st January 2022, will not score championship points until the committee has approved it. (Does not include re-paints of existing models).


It is up to the member/visitor to prove that his/her car and equipment are legal.


Please remember, we wish to race under a friendly atmosphere, keeping to the rules will help maintain this.

As a member/visitor, you are obliged to help set up and clear away. There are plenty of jobs to do!

04/01/2022 – (E&OE)