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YES... People do still like to read a traditional magazine, printed in glorious colour and kept for ever in a filing system that only you understand. Don't worry, WE understand, because that's our favourite media too!

Paper versions of the magazine are sold exclusively by Pendle Slot in the UK. However, we (Slot Car Magazine) also visit a few swap meets throughout the year so you can buy direct from us.
Please remember, once they are sold out, that's it, they won't be printed again!

Here's an image of our latest magazine... notice it has a slightly different cover to the PDF version.

use the above button to go to Pendle Slot and view current stock of our (paper) magazine


PDF copies of Slot Car Magazine will always be available for download. They are stored and distributed by

Here you will find unique links to every copy and you will be able to download as a PDF file.

Be sure to use Adobe's PDF Reader for optimum viewing (it's free), as other apps or programs might not give you a proper read (double-page spreads for example).

We try to keep the file sizes as small as possible without compromising on quality and you'll usually find that they are around 10-15mb.

Happy reading!

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