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SlotCarMAG – UK Slot Car Festival Guides - 2012 / 2013 / 2014

44 Pages in each issue.

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Slot Car Magazine – BOOK

112 Pages, perfect bound

SlotCarMAG is magazine has been selling all over the world, which means we could feature a much broader spectrum of subjects and skills than we had first envisaged. That the magazine is still around after all these years is as much a testament to our contributors as it is to anything Marc Abbott and Ric Woods have done. For this book, we each made a list of our favourite features from the first 4 years. Where our choices coincided, an article was immediately ‘in’. The remainder were decided on after a frank exchange of views and only as a last resort did we ever engage in arm-wrestling. If you are a regular reader, I hope we have included some of your favourites too. If you are new to the magazine, I hope this will whet your appetite for what we do.

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